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Seating Requests

Our outdoor dining garden is tented and available for dinner service nightly in addition to our open air terrace dining patio and our indoor dining rooms.

Calissa does not guarantee outdoor or indoor seating. 

Live Music and DJs

If you are interested in staying at your table after dinner to continue drinking and enjoy live music or DJ, please make your dinner reservation at 10:15pm and make a note in your reservation that you'd like to stay after dinner.  If you reserve for dinner prior to this time we cannot guarantee that the table will be available to you after your dinner concludes.  

If you would simply like to join us for drinks and watch the performance, please email to book a table for bottle service.

Please note that the above applies to May and June performances and additional ticketing and table minimums will apply in July and August.

If you are interested in joining us for bottle service please email

Ordering Etiquette

Table reservations are intended for guests who are joining us for dinner (or brunch).  We kindly ask that each guest order full dinner and/or entrees.

Tables who wish to order drinks and appetizers only will be offered lounge or bar seating.  Calissa does not take reservations for drinks and apps only.

Time Limitations

Outside tables are subject to the following time limitations from their reservation start time in order to honor later reservations who have also booked tables.

Tables of 2      1.5 Hours

Tables of 3-4       2 Hours

Tables of 5-6      2.5 Hours

Tables of 6+      3 Hours

Large Parties

Calissa welcomes large dining groups.  

Parties of 10 and greater are exclusively offered our Large Party Prefix Dinner package, which includes the table’s choice of three appetizers, three entrees and three sides at $75 per person.  If you'd like to book a large party reservation please do so via Open Table with the button above.

For private dining options please email  

For bachelorette dinners and celebratory large party reservations please visit our Bachelorette Parties tab.

Administrative Fee

Life is different.  We pay a living, meaningful wage to all employees via an 18% administrative fee.  We understand that many customers prefer to leave a gratuity.  If this is the case, you may write in an additional gratuity on your credit card slip (as you might abroad).  We wish to reiterate, however, that no further gratuity is necessary or expected.